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Marketplaces: The Next Evolution in E-Commerce

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Welcome to Marketplaces: The Next Evolution in E-Commerce

The world of online commerce continues to change after several progressions in recent years. First, most direct-to-consumer brands created an electronic storefront where they could sell products online. Next came the emergence of master marketplaces like Amazon, where customers could explore products and buy from a variety of brands in one place. Soon to follow was the onset of more comprehensive e-commerce where brands aren’t just selling products, they are selling a lifestyle or add-on experiences that supplement products.

Now we are beginning the next wave of e-commerce: Marketplaces. Traditional D2C e-commerce sites today typically only sell that brand's specific products. And if that site sells other products, those products might be featured as part of an upsell opportunity. In a marketplace experience, a brand could curate what other brands appear on the marketplace, but all products are given equal footing. When this ecosystem of brands comes together, they sell not just as a package, but in the same place.

When customers buy from a connected ecosystem of brands, they cut through the clutter of overwhelming choices and feel confident that the products they choose will work together with products from other parts of their ecosystem. Businesses gain access to the lifeblood of consumer experiences: data.