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Democratizing Net Zero

Democratizing Net Zero
How Consumer Products Companies are Democratizing Sustainability

As climate change concerns grow, consumer products firms are welcoming consumers and competitors into their plans to become more sustainable.

Sustainability KPIs present a unique challenge for consumer products (CP) firms compared to other standard metrics. When it comes to product margins, return on advertising spend (ROAS) or out-of-stock (OOS) rate, each company has individual results. Achievement is separate, and success is exclusive. The same can’t be said for sustainability, a different kind of business goal.

One company’s success in carbon neutrality or recycled packaging is not removed from another company’s failure; both companies are facing the same future. The end goal of sustainability is a collective success—for companies and consumers alike—because one company’s progress alone cannot possibly sustain the planet’s health, even if it looks good on an annual report.