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Customer-First Banking: The Death of Linear Journeys

Customer-First Banking
The Customer Journey is Dying. Here’s How to Prepare: Linear customer journeys are being replaced by always-on targeting solutions

Customer journeys are still far from what they could be. Most are designed for basic experiences—they are neither hyper-personal nor specifically targeted. They are restrictive because of the costs of technology, variants, testing and implementation. As a result, customers are offered generic journeys with a thin veneer of personalization that barely scratches the surface of feeling tailored.  

However. the future will be significantly different. Experiences are going to feel like they are customized for the individual by meeting specific needs and processing a wide range of metadata around race, ethnicity, gender and literacy. Customer journeys will feel much more inclusive—not like one journey was designed for 20 million people.

For banks, this means real and personal customer data must be understood on an individual level via customer data platforms that are driven by Salesforce and other software ecosystems.