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2023 Guide to Next
The Major Trends in Financial Services to Watch Out for in 2023

New technologies and changing customer demands are transforming financial services. And the companies that will succeed in this evolving market will be the ones that embrace emerging tech, create new business models, and put customers at the center of what they do.

Know what’s coming and adapt to a changing world. This is the Guide to Next.

  • Coreless Banking Is the Future: Here’s How to Get There

    Banking is undergoing a profound shift as banks move away from legacy tech. But how do you go coreless?


  • Digital Asset Management: Cut Costs With Blockchain

    With investors gaining trust in digital assets, the race is on to drive growth and reduce costs with blockchain.


  • Creating a Sustainable Banking Strategy

    With customers demanding green products, you need a strategy to drive growth sustainably.


  • The Future of Insurance: Why Digital Is Key to Success

    Data and AI are transforming the insurance industry. Discover the right strategy for your business.


  • Three Ways Insurers Can Embrace the Metaverse

    Web3? Crypto? The metaverse? Here are three ways you can cut through the noise and transform your business with the newest tech.


  • Three Secrets for a Successful Digital Business Transformation

    The cost of doing business is on the up. Here are three ways insurers can weather the macroeconomic climate and drive efficiency.


  • What Wealth Managers Should Learn From Fintech

    The customer-centricity of fintechs could be the key to engaging new audiences and changing perceptions of the wealth industry.


  • How a Platform Model Can Help Wealth Managers Win

    Transform your customer experience and restructure your business model with our unique formula.