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How Digital Boosts Citywide Public Defense & Wellness

Public Sector: County of Los Angeles, Office of the Public Defender
How Our Partnership with the U.S.A.’s Oldest Public Defender’s Office Changes Lives

A people-centric Client Case Management System (CCMS) made the client’s 360o vision a reality.

Working together for several years, Publicis Sapient and the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office implemented the most transformative project in the department’s 107-year history. A mammoth digital modernization that helps more than 1,000 attorneys and staff to provide robust public defense to over a million people in LA County.

Our Mission

Our mission to partner with innovative government organizations to create transformative experiences that empower communities joined perfectly with the client’s aim of reducing the collateral consequences of contact with the criminal justice system. Together, we have helped thousands of indigent people thrive, so far.